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  • Grand Central Art Center Artist Studios 125 N Broadway Santa Ana, CA, 92701 United States (map)

Day Job Projects presents #tagsforlikes 
By Casey Kauffmann a.k.a. @uncannysfvalley

Opening Reception: Saturday August 2nd 6-10pm

Uncannysfvalley is an Instagram project by Casey Kauffmann featuring digital collages created using various photo editing apps on an iPhone. The Uncanny Valley is a term in aesthetics referring to the feeling of revulsion when observers are exposed to reproductions of humans and human behavior. Think puppets, animitronics, 3D animation etc. In this body of work she extends the concept of the uncanny valley to the discomfort that appears by seeing the reflection of our own desire for validation digitally. It’s in social media where this primal need for approval manifests itself most explicitly. Instagram accounts are curated archives that reflect our lives, not as they are, but as we want them to be perceived.
#tagsforlikes refers to the iconic hashtag which is used to accumulate likes and followers, and is often accompanied by #follow4follow #likeforlike, etc. The hashtags, these words with a purpose, connect users whose intention is to achieve fame, approval, and instant gratification.
This sort of awareness, and overt display of our needs, also known as #thirst, is often discouraged, not only socially but by our sense of pride. What is counterproductive about hiding our desire for approval is that that same desire is a driving force behind aesthetic proliferation. Through collaborative projects with followers, the excessive use of hashtags, and use of low accessible source material uncannysfvalley allows the artist to embrace her desire for the love of an audience and utilize that desire to fuel her process.