History Repaints Itself was a group exhibition which featured artwork that re-imagines or references iconic and classical works. The exhibit aimed to bring attention to the ever-present influences of our past, while underlining the importance of art history and its allusions.

The show produced a fresh and scholarly look at both the past and the present by featuring artists who are making work in the lineage of the Masters. The exhibit showcased the innovative ways in which artists approach and respond to historically significant artwork, giving light to their own contemplations and ideas about these works in a contemporary setting.

The curators hoped to encourage a dialogue about important and current topics in art such as: the definition of “high art”, repurposing the past, and the continually regenerated themes throughout art’s history.

The exhibit featured works by Vera Bauluz, Jan Huling, Leonardo Lambaren, Nobuhito Nishigawara, Devorah Sperber, and Sarah Anne Ward.