Uncannysfvalley is an Instagram project featuring digital collages created using various photo editing apps on an iPhone. The term ‘uncanny valley’ describes the feeling of revulsion caused by the observation of artificial reproductions of humans and human behavior, such as puppets, animatronics, etc. This emotional response is the premise of the Uncannysfvalley project: the artist’s digital creations aim to cause discomfort by reflecting the basic human need for approval from others.

Through the forum of Instagram, where the primal need for instant gratification manifests most often, the project plays to the fact that social media reflects our lives, not as they are, but as we want them to be perceived; these curated arrangements of images seek out fame, approval, and instant gratification. The overt desire for attention, known as #thirst, is utilized through collaborative projects with followers, the excessive use of hashtags, and low accessible source material, and allows the artist to connect to hundreds of people with similar interests in real time.

My goal with uncannysfvalley is to embrace my own need for instant gratification, approval, praise, and interaction with like-minded strangers. You can call me a thirsty hoe, parched even.”  - Casey Kauffmann   http://instagram.com/uncannysfvalley