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Heather Bowling is an artist and curator with a degree from Mary Baldwin University in Printmaking and Photography. She is politically and socially motivated, and endeavors to bring light to world events through her work. Subject matters span spectrum of the human experience from the abuse of human rights to our impact on the planet.

Bowling has been part of several group and solo exhibitions. In fall of 2013, she constructed an interactive tomato vine from screen printed, hand-made paper for the Orange County Curator Challenge in Irvine, CA. Through the piece, she created a dialogue on the topic of GMOs labeling in grocery stores. Since then, Bowling has embarked on a series of collaborations with other like-minded artists from a variety of backgrounds. In early 2014, Bowling teamed up with Brooklyn artist Amanda Patenaude to create a site-specific, locally-sourced trash installation, commenting on the topic of pollution in our oceans at Grand Central Art Center in Santa Ana, CA. Followed by a collaboration with LA photographer Jeremy Oversier, in which the two artists put together a thoughtful commentary about equality through needlework and photography for Cal State Fullerton's West Gallery.

She currently resides in Fullerton, California.


"At the time, I thought art was really about showcasing technique. My goal was to learn a skill and work on it until I could display capable understanding of it. But something about the quality of the slow cut of the carving knife, the tactile quality of the gummy ink, and the reveal of the finished print enthralled me."

- Christine Schmidt