Day Job Projects

Day Job Projects

Day Job Projects is a freelance curatorial team comprised of artists Heather Bowling and Kimberly McKinnis. Projects range from group exhibitions to artist and curator collaborations. Since 2013, they have put together over twenty exhibitions throughout Orange County. The curatorial team can be reached at or by visiting

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History Repaints Itself

History Repaints Itself was a group exhibition which featured artwork that re-imagines or references iconic and classical works. The exhibit aimed to bring attention to the ever-present influences of our past, while underlining the importance of art history and its allusions.

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Show and Tell

Show and Tell: Artists Outside the Classroom featured works from artists who were either currently enrolled in school or who had recently obtained a degree in the arts. Each artist exhibited works in the medium in which they were formally trained.



The physical manifestation of the Instagram project @uncannysfvalley, #tagsforlikes featured digital iPhone collages that embraced the feeling of revulsion caused by observing artificial reproductions of humans or human behavior.

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Springtime Folly

The phrase "in like a lion out like a lamb" seems oddly appropriate when describing this eclectic show of animal-like creatures on exhibit. Springtime Folly was a whimsical, yet a little odd, exhibition of works by artists Kazka Reitz McCray and Tiffany Ma.

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Face to Face

Face to Face was a group portrait exhibition that featured the diverse styles of five artists who use pen, pencil, paint, and charcoal to interpret and explore the most versatile human feature.

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Surreal Relations

Surreal Relations, a solo exhibition of digitally crafted photographs by Trini Schultz, explored the fantastical, romanticized stories of the artist's distant relatives in newly imagined worlds.

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