Even-weave refers to the equal size and spacing in the warp and weft of any type of textile such as fabric or canvas.

Even-weave is a conversation between two artists; a documentation of our current time, through an attempt to break down and encourage further evolution of the current signs associated with the equality movement. The new millennium has marked a point for important cultural shifts. What began in the early 1960s as a torrent has now evolved into a tidal wave of efforts to redefine civil rights.

Even-weave is a demonstration, a metaphor in every stitch. Each motion of the needle, completed by the artist's hand served as a single action, symbolic of protest. Beginning with a simple pattern of symbols, it is then reinterpreted through a photographer's lens. 

The pieces re-imagined invite us to investigate the smaller, delicate parts composing a greater whole, bringing to life subtleties we each possess. However, these individual threads cannot stand alone -- it is only together that they have meaning.

The breakdown of these familiar signs offers hope for continued progress.

- Kimberly McKinnis